Swagger Line Kennels

Haze x Co-Co


A foundation breeding! SLK's Haze of Kountry Boy Kennelz is a well rounded, mild tempered beast with a heart of Gold. His willingness to please continues to amaze us as we have owned him since he was a puppy. At 2 years old, 20 in. and 87-93 lbs, his athletic build and drive for sports keeps him muscular and attractive. SLK's Co-Co of Kountry Boy Kennelz is also a well rounded athletic hog, however she also has a much higher willingness to please. Often a house pet, she can easily transition between traditional dog roles in the yard, or in a more controlled setting; such as a house. She is show quality in her appearance as her Champagne/Fawn color attracts attention while her hazel eyes warm your heart. At 11 months old, 21 in. and 97-100 lbs, she is an amazingly beautiful beast.

"Kountry Boy Kennelz, Where Even Bullies Have Southern Hospitality"

Pedigrees consist of:
RBG's King Lion, SLK's Stainless Steel, NIS's Filmore Slim (Chevy), NIS's Arnold the Terminator, Monster JoJolas, NLP's Big Daddy Cain, Iron Cross Trinity, HBK's Boondock, Iron Cross Blue Banshee

1. Male 1 - Sold1. Female 1 - Sold
2. Female 2 - $2,000.00

Contact Info:
Email:  Kountryboykennelz@gmail.com
Facebook:  Kountry Boy Kennelz