Swagger Line Kennels

Gin and Juice "Juice" x Swagger Line's Penny


We have been waiting on this breeding since Penny was born! Our friends at Gin and Juice knew from the start that Juice and Penny are an XL pitbull match made in heaven! Are you tired of seeing sloppy bullies with terrible conformation? So are we. This breeding will produce some of the most well rounded XL pitbulls, period. We are striving to produce athletes with perfect structure and insane muscle on a huge XL frame. These puppies will have the potential to excel in the show ring, sporting competitions, any working arena, and will have the temperament that we always produce which makes for the best family pets!

The pedigree behind these puppies is very exclusive! This combination of blood has never matched up like this, and considering multiple of the XL pitbull legends in the pedigree have passed aways, it will never be duplicated. It consists of some of the best looking, and better yet, best producing XL pitbulls in the industry - 2X RBG King Lion, XB Comet, NLP Cain, Dela Cruz Tahoe, ATL King Swag, SLK Steel, Dela Cruz Chevelle, Criminial (Littermate to Blueline's Smokey), Blueline's Hoodrat, HBK Tank, HBK Brooklyn, ICK Banshee, ICK Syn, and the list goes on!!!

$500 nonrefundable deposit reserves your pick.
Contact James for more info. (630)881-0945

1. Male 1 - $2,000
2. Male 2 - $2,000
3. Male 3 - $2,000